For the minicamp we use a online service, Quicket. To make things easier we have devided into two booking sets:

Camp Bookings

Log in to Quicket:

Quicket Camp Introduction page

Read the instructions and then select Tickets.

To keep the camp as affordable and flexible as possible we have arranged the bookings as follows for the duration of camp:

  • Annual Dinner
    • The Annual dinner is completely separate to the camp arrangements and none of the items below is applicable if you only want to attend the annual Dinner.
    • To book the annual dinner scroll down to the bottom of the ticket selections and select your options and the number of people you are booking for :
  • Permit
    • The permit includes all hikes during the week
    • The permit fee also includes a Cheese and Wine on Monday
    • We have done it this way to ensure efficiency and costs are shared on a per usage basis and this also reduces our overheads.
  • Day visitors
    • Can join for any day and select the correct day per.
    • Select the drop down menu and select the days and number of people joining.
  • Campers
    • Can book per night similar the day visitors
  • Bunks beds
    • Can also be booked per night.


We have a lovely selection of items on sale. Head over the merchandise page and familiarise yourself with the items:

Head over to Quicket to place your order!

You will be presented with three options:

Hats and Buffs have standard sizes, whilst for T-shirt you can select between Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

We will also have on sale at the camp (via Snapscan), but number are limited.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Camp!