Ledefooie vir 2024
Annual Membership Fees for 2024

New members must add a joining fee of R80 to the normal fees below.
(Not appllicable for juniors since no card is issued.)

Nuwe lede moet ‘n R80 aansluitingsfooi by die normale fooi hier onder bytel.
(Daar is geen aansluitingsfooi vir juniors nie want geen kaart word uitegeryk nie)

Type of MembershipIncluding
Printed Journal
Printed Journal
Member / LidR330R230
Family Membership / Familie Lidmaatskap1R465R365
Senior Members / Senior Lidmaarskap2R230R130
Senior Couple / Seniors Familie2R305R205
Student / StudentR210R110
Scholar / Skolier3R30
Printed Journal / Gedrukte JournaalR100


  1. Includes up to two members and 4 juniors. / Sluit twee lede en tot 4 kinders in.
  2. Applies if at least one member is 65 years or older on 1 January 2024. / Slegs van toepassing indien ten minste een lid op 1 Januarie 2024 65 jaar of ouer is.
  3. At least one parent must be a member. / Ten minste een our moet ‘n lid wees.

There are two payment options available:

  1. Bank EFT
    Bank: ABSA
    Branch: Paarl (632005)
    Acc. No: 740141023
    Reference: —-> please see below

    Reference format: for new members:
    Please send proof of payment to: members@pw.mcsa.org.za,
    (Members -Secretary)

    Reference format: for existing members:
    PAA membership number and Surname,
    e.g. PAA123J_SURNAME
    If a Journal is paid for please add a J to the reference.
    Please send proof of payment to: treasurer@pw.mcsa.org.za
    If more than one member is paid for, please ensure email includes details of the other members.
  2. Snapscan
    Go to this link to pay via snapscan:
    Please remember to add your membership number(s) in the references field.
    If multiple memberships have been paid using one Snapscan payment, please also send an email with payment reference used to: treasurer@pw.mcsa.org.za