To join the Paarl-Wellington Section of the MCSA:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the benefits and expectations of the club (below) and P/W Information Sheet.
  2. Complete the application form, which will be automatically mailed to the club secretary.
  3. Send a clear ID-type photo to the secretary at, which will be used on your membership card, and so must be recognisable.
  4. Pay the entrance and subscription fee  (banking details will be sent by the secretary). 
  5. Wait about a week or so for your membership to be processed and a membership card made up (about a month).
  6. Collect your membership card from the hut or make an alternative arrangement with the members-secretary.

MCSA P/W Information Fees Membership Application Form

Benefits of the club

The MCSA is the principal mountaineering organisation in South Africa, and has a great deal to offer its members. The MCSA organises meets that help you discover mountain areas, and mountaineering activities, in the company of experienced members. The club provides access to magnificent MCSA huts, properties and wilderness areas around the country. The club organises mountain related talks and presentations from club members and guest speakers. The MCSA has negotiated special discounts for members from Cape Union Mart, City Rock, Cape Storm and Drifters. The MCSA offers opportunities to contribute to communities and larger society via the outreach programme; under which youngsters from underprivileged communities are taken on hikes, walks and other outings.

Expectations of Members

Being a member of the MCSA offers many privileges, but it’s a two way relationship – you will have responsibilities and we have expectations of you. You are expected to act at all times in accordance with the MCSA’s Code of Conduct for Mountaineering and Climbing; and abide by the the hut and properties rules of our section and any other section’s property that’s made use of. Before you apply to join, you should be willing to agree to these terms.

MCSA Paarl/Wellington Constitution MCSA Code of Conduct