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CANCELED – Zoo Ridge en omgewing (Rooi Sederberge)

10 April 2020 @ 8:00 am 13 April 2020 @ 5:00 pm


Vir die wat nie seker is waar dit is nie – Rooi Sederberge, tussen Koue Bokkeveld en Sederberge. Ons slaap in ‘n plaashuis, maksimum 18 pax. Ons het een 4×4 vir elke 5 lede nodig – ernstige sandpaaie. Getalle gaan bepaal word deur aantal 4×4’s beskikbaar. Daar is stappe vir tawwes en glad-nie- tawwes! Dit gaan oor die Natuur: rots tekeninge, wonderlike rotsformasies, rotsboë en sommer lekker ‘explore’ (verken). Vir meer besonderhede kontak leier Suzanne Smith, verkieslik via epos, wilsonsmith@yebo.co.za, of 021 976 2103, of  083 303 3417. Akkommodasie kostes moet nog bepaal word; hulle beplan om in Januarie die gelde op te stoot, maar behoort nie meer as R200 per persoon per nag te wees nie.

For those unfamiliar with the area – Red Cederberg, between Koue Bokkeveld and Cederberg. We stay in a farm house, maximum 18 pax. We need one 4×4 for every 5 members – serious sand tracks. Numbers will be limited to available 4×4’s. There are walks for the tough and the not-at-all-tough! It’s all about Nature: rock art, wonderful rock formations, rock arches and plenty of opportunity to explore. For more details contact leader Suzanne Smith, preferably via email, wilsonsmith@yebo.co.za, or 021 976 2103, or  083 303 3417. Accommodation costs still need to be finalised; they plan to increase the rates in January, but should not be more than R200 per person per night.


10 April @ 8:00 am
13 April @ 5:00 pm
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Suzanne Smith

Meets Grading

The club uses a grading system (given in brackets after the hike name) to make it easier for club members to know what expect from an outing. An outing’s grade consists of two factors that can be used to establish a outing’s difficulty – a number and a letter (e.g. 1A, 3B, 1C etc.).

The number represents the physical exertion of the outing, i.e. how physically fit you need to be to participate. This is normally a combination of distance covered and height gain (i.e how much elevation you will climb through). A low number means short distances and relatively flat walks, a high number means long walks / runs or outings that involve long and continuous ascents like climbing high peaks.

The letter represents the technical difficulty of the terrain and obstacles, i.e. how capable a scrambler / climber you need to be to participate. “A” grades are easy walks with no scrambling or climbing, all the way through to “D+” grades, which is full blown rock climbing.

If you are not familiar with the grading system use the table below to determine if a specific meet / outing’s difficulty will suite you. If unsure contact the meet convener (meets@paarlwellington.mcsa.org.za) or the leader of the specific meet.

Physical Exertion Table

Exertion Factor Description Examples
1 Flat walks like contour paths or jeep tracks. Short distances, i.e. 5 km or less. Olive Glen Blue Route, Kristenbosch, Paarl Arboretum
2 Strenuous half-day hike or moderate fullday hike. 5 – 12 km, 100 to 700 height gain India Venster, Mobray Ridge, Krom River (to last pool)
3 Full day hikes with height gain or flat runs. 12 km to 20 km per day and/or 700 m to 1000 m height gain. Slanghoekpiek from Krom River hut, Hiddingh-Ascension on Table Mountain, Jonkershoek Panorama
4 Trail runs / long fast / strenuous hikes. 20+ km per day and/or 1000+ m height gain and loss Du Toitspiek from Du Toitskloof hut, Jonkershoek Traverse, Wemmershoek Traverse, Slanghoek Traverse, Arangieskop, Hex / Waaihoek, etc.

Technical Grade Table

Technical Factor Description Examples
A Hike – Generally hands are not needed, but may be steep ascent/descent Jeep tracks, Contour paths, Routes with good paths, Platteklip, Kasteelspoort
B Moderate scrambling – Hands and arms frequently used. May be exposed, but generally does not require a rope. A fall likely to result in serious injury. India Venster, Lion’s Head, Mobray Ridge, Krom River (to last pool)
C Hard Scrambling – Steep sections of difficult scrambling where the use of a rope is recommended. Un-roped falls could be fatal. Hout Bay Corner, Table Mountain Ledges, Kloof Corner Ridge, Cascades, Jonkershoek Pieke Suidfront
D+ Rock climbing – climbing equipment and experience required unless otherwise stated. Contact leader for details. Paarl Rock Climbing Crags, Hellfire Crags, Lakeside Pinnacle, Silvermine Crag