Hiking Programme

Datum Day of week Aktiwiteit Plek/Beskrywing afstand/Graad aantal persone Permit  inligting Leier kontak
13-May Saturday day hike Olive Glen we are hiking up Middagberg. Bring and braai afterwards 2B. 6hrs     Avril/Bruce 082 921 4325 bruce.powrie@gmail.com
20-May Saturday day hike Zwartfontein, Wellington Haaskraalpad. Lekker plaasstap 1A     Louise/Maderi 0825787476 of 083 7100014
24-28 May 5 days hike Fish river canyon     max 30p   Roelf Vorster RoelfV@nedbank.co.za
03-June Saturday day hike Botrivier Watchtower Piek, Botrivier: Ontmoet in Botrivier se dorpsparkering 8:30 Daarvandaan ry ons saam na die plaas waarvandaan ons begin stap, na ‘n koppie koffie en toilet in een van hulle kothuise. 360 grade uitsigte na 650m opdraend! 2A bestel plaasmelk koop, R15 per 2-liter. Begin 8h45 permit R15 Suzanne Smith from CT section 0833033417/0219762103 of wilsonsmith@yebo.co.za
10-June Saturday day hike Paarlberg route will be decided on depending on the group or groups 2A     Conrad en Shannon Shannon 0726421150 of Conradconradlesch@gmail.com
16-18 June Weekend Camp/Hike Willemsrivier Oorlogskloof We booked 4 old farm houses at Willmsrivier. We are a short distance away from Ooorlogskloof and will do day hikes there 2A 12 people R200 pppn for 2 nights Esme Jordaan 0827890689 esme.jordaan@mrc.ac.za
16-18 June Weekend Social/Housekeeping Krom River Hut we are going to do some hut cleaning and also some socialising and hiking   12 people free Margaretha 0833049789 or margaretha.bruwer@kaapagri.co.za
24-June Saturday day hike Table Mountain Ledges route up Table today. Start past Platteklip,up path to Saddle, then take right to Knife edge & then the tricky bit starts,getting thru the ledges,with the crux pitch near the top. The last rock pitch (vertical ascent, graded C will be done with a rope) 2C with exposure. Cancelled if wet 12 people free Steve Hosking 0844244369 or sqhosking@gmail.com
08-July Saturday day hike Hell’s gate, Orange kloof Hiking in Orange kloof adds a significant dimension to Table Mountain hiking: semi-tropical environment. Route from orange kloof up Disa Gorge towards Table Mountain. Visit the old Woodhead tunnel built in 1800’s and the Molteno reservoir. The top of the gorge brings you to the imposing wall of the Woodhead dam. Entry restricted protected Afromotane forest. 2A 6 people free Suzanne 0219762103 of 0833033417


Height exposure Degree of difficulty
A – No exposure to heights 1 – An easy stroll
B – Mild exposure to heights 2 – Moderate
C – Moderate exposure to heights 3 – Strenuous exercise
D – Very exposed to heights 4 – Only for the very fit