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Datum Day of week Aktiwiteit Plek/Beskrywing afstand/Graad aantal persone Permit  inligting Leier kontak
24-May Donderdag Day Hike Paarlberg Elsie 0218641184 of 0827379990
27-May Sunday Day Hike Houw Hoek trail we join Hottentots Holland section for this hike in Houw Hoek 2A, 6-7 km easy Suzanne 021 976 2103 or 083 303 3417 or wilsonsmith@yebo co.za (preferred)
02-June Weekend Weekend Hike Sederberge. Algeria Sa. 2 Junie Algeria na Crystal Pool: 17 km So. 3 Junie Crystal Pool na Eenboomkamp: 9 km Ma. 4 Junie Eenboomkamp terug na Algeria: 10 km Diegene wat tyd het, kan in Algeria oornag en eers Dinsdag vertrek.

2A Louis teen Don 24 Mei louis@patat.co.za
02-Jun Weekend/Day 1. Nutrition talk. 2. talk about snow and ice climbing in the 60′ to 90’s. 3. soup & soetes. 3pm@Ou Maul teater in Paarl, talk free for PW members, non-PW members pay R50. TALK 1: The body’s reaction to exercise,how much food to take and similar questions are answered in this talk by a dietician who is also an experienced hiker Hanlie Jordaan. TALK 2. Steps to front points. Hemp to harnesses by an experienced climber, Steve Chadwick. 3. SOCIAL: We have soup & soetes after the talk. People can camp for the night. PW members free, non-PW members R110 pn. Can also bring meat for a braai. nobody allowed without RSVP. please RSVP for catering purposes. Hanlie Jordaan 0825127307 or hanliejdn@gmail.com
09-Jun Dagstap Paarlberg 1/2A Shannon 0726421150 or svanbreda@vodamail.co.za
8-10 Jun Weekend social/work hut weekend Krom River Hut Delfie 0786618126 or adellethea.issel@coolwine.co.za
15 – 17 Jun Weekend Hike/Climbing Houdenbek, Sederberge Houdenbek is a restored National Monument and 60 km from Ceres and 200km from Cape. Houdenbek Camping is a private campsite that caters for one party at the time. The campers will have total exclusivity. There is about 5 places to pitch a
tent. Clean running fountain water are available. There is one hot shower and a separate toilet with basin. There is a basin to wash dishes with hot water. There is no electricity available. www.houdenbek.co.za
32 sport climbing routes from grade 15 to 26 and some trad routes 15 persone R150 pp for the weekend Hanlie Jordaan 0825127307
24-Jun Sunday Hike Day Hike Olive Glen “1) Blue route to Kloof hike or
2) Yellow route to “Eckhardt’s Pool” at Red Cliffs or
3) Lookout Route on Neighbouring farm
1A 12 free PW members, R20 non members Avril 0829214325 or apowrie@paarlonline.co.za
30-Jun Saturday Day Hike Koeberg reservaat 13km/ 2A 12 ID benodig, gratis Alwyn &Stephanie Muller 0836794642 or mull@mweb.co.za
22 Jun – 2 Jul long hike Drakensberg Stay at Cambalala hut. Hike in the area Cathedral peak,Organ pipes, Ndedema Gorge various fully booked Gaye&Steve 0849159139 or gayehosking@gmail.com
30 Jun – 14 Jul long hike Southern Darkensberg,Crystal Waters National MCSA camp. please see email for further information Rikki Abbott 0833218841 or julycampbooking@gmail.com
7-9 Jul weekend long hike Hoar hut UCT ski hut in the Waaihoek mountains, Zuurberg property. R20 pn for mcsa members Hanlie Jordaan 0825127307
13-15 Jul Weekend social/work hut weekend Krom River Hut Delfie 0786618126 or adellethea.issel@coolwine.co.za
13-15 Jul Weekend Hike Ons kuier en stap by Paul op sy plaas Parklands naby Witsand. Ons stap Saterdag langs die strand so 18km en Sondag 10.5km 2A 12 slegs vir PW lede Paul Ackermann paula@calculus.co.za
13-21 Jul Long Hike Hike Erdvarkroetes in die Karoo tussen Leeu-Gamka en Beaufort-Wes. 8 nagte se verblyf en stap op die Erdvarkroetes R180.00 per persoon per nag. Geen slapstap-opsie, m.a.w. niks word agter ons aangery nie. Totale stapkoste per persoon: R180x8=R1440
Ons slaap in oornaghuise met beddens, beddegoed, skottelgoed, warm water, stort en/of bad, kombuisgereedskap en alles wat nodig is.
6 Louis louis@patat.co.za
28/29 Jul Saturday Talk David Gwen Evans
9 – 12 Aug Long Weekend House/Day Hikes Nature on Sea 12 Louise zwartfontein@patat.co.za
01-Sep Saturday Day Hike Postberg Suzanne 021 976 2103 or 083 303 3417 or wilsonsmith@yebo co.za (preferred)
21 – 24 Sep Long Weekend Overnight Hiking Sederberge Krakadouw 12 Andricus/Adriaan
29 Sep – 8 Oct 5 day hike overnight hike Swellendamstap 10 Esme 0827890689
12-14 Oct Weekend social/work hut weekend Hut church servive Delfie 0786618126 or adellethea.issel@coolwine.co.za


Height exposure Degree of difficulty
A – No exposure to heights 1 – An easy stroll
B – Mild exposure to heights 2 – Moderate
C – Moderate exposure to heights 3 – Strenuous exercise
D – Very exposed to heights 4 – Only for the very fit